Izinga’s Food Trailers

Izinga Catering Equipment offers everything you need to get into the world of mobile restaurants.

Mobile food trucks are nothing new. But the way restaurant owners have had to adapt to global events, has highlighted this once novel and niche profession as an entirely practical, profitable, and in-demand service.

For this reason, we offer mobile food trucks in the form of Izinga’s Food Trailers. Fully kitted, brandable, and the perfect way to take your restaurant business on the road, or start a new venture for yourself.

Grab the opportunity with both hands, before everybody starts doing it!

The current economical climate makes starting a restaurant business risky, even harrowing for some. Finding funds, a premises, equipment, and supplies, make up the bulk of the risk and the worry.

But mobile food trailers offer the ideal way to get started, and Izinga Catering Supplies can put you on the right path with Izinga’s Food Trailers.


The Outside

Mobile kitchens on the move
Mobile kitchens on the move

Each of Izinga’s Food Trailers is fitted with a generator and gas, ensuring the utilities you need to get cooking.

Additionally, a large display area presents the perfect blank canvas for branding and a business identity that stands out from a mile away.

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The Inside

Mobile kitchens on the move
Mobile kitchens on the move

The real meat of the operation happens inside each of Izinga’s foot trailers. They are fitted with a custom layout, allowing for modifications, whether that be for a butchery, a bakery, or a fast-food outlet.

All equipment is bolted down for safety and durability, while economic, versatile, and careful use of interior space ensures that you have everything you need within reach, and enough space to work.

Mobile kitchens on the move
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