Dishwasher Equipment

Izinga Catering Equipment provides a wide range of specialised catering equipment and utilities for various sectors in Gauteng.

We help our clients outfit their operations with turnkey solutions ideal for various settings, including bakeries, butcheries, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and those establishments with needs for dishwashing equipment, display equipment, heavy-duty food preparation, as well as processing and refrigeration.

Offers from our online commercial dishwasher equipment suppliers in Gauteng

As part of this complete range of catering equipment, we act as online commercial dishwasher equipment suppliers in Gauteng and ensure our clients are well-appointed with the highest quality equipment for specific needs. The equipment supplied is characterised by reliability, economical operation, and affordability.

Our extensive range of specialised commercial dishwasher equipment includes the following products:

  • Hood-type dishwashers
  • Under-counter glasswasher
  • Under-counter dishwasher
  • Under-counter three-phase dishwasher
  • Rack-type dishwasher

Shopping online with Izinga Catering Equipment

At Izinga Catering Equipment, we provide our clients with the highest service levels, reliability, and convenience. As such, we have created a turnkey solution that makes sourcing your equipment or the design of your kitchen simple, convenient, and affordable.

We offer an extensive online catalogue of quality products that can be browsed and purchased online, with secure payment and delivery.

This, coupled with over 25 years of experience and close attention to the needs and challenges faced by our clients, has made us one of the leading online commercial dishwasher equipment suppliers in Gauteng.

Contact Izinga Catering Equipment for more details

If you would like to know more about the complete selection available from our range of online commercial dishwasher equipment suppliers in Gauteng, please contact a representative from Izinga Baking Equipment for details, or feel free to continue browsing our website for our complete list of specialised offers.


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