Oxygen Concentrator

R18,909.00 R9,499.99

This special includes

  • X1 Oximeter
  • X3 Sports Masks


You can use it at home, travel or in your car, the portable and
smart function works very well for your homecare life. The main
functions are improve blood circulation, increases heighten
concentration, alertness and memory, boost the immune system,
lessens chronic fatigue syndrome, speeds up the body’s recovery
after physical exertion, helps to relax, natural remedy for


  • Used by Covid-19 Patients for relief in breathing problems.
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  1. Input Power: 120VA.
  2. O2 Concentration: 90%-30% from 1L-6L
  3. Flow Range: 1-6L/min.
  4. Weight: 5.0kg.
  5. Noise level: about 45dB(A)(measured at a distance of one meter
  6. from the product)
  7. Size: 25.4* 13.8* 23.0(cm)/10*5.4*9.0inch
  8. Compressor high temperature protection, shutdown
  9. Electrical Classification: ll
  10. Work system continuous operation


  • EIGHT LAYERS OF FILTERING => Eco-O2 new upgrade filtration system, high frequency negative O2 ion emission
  • ADJUSTABLE Oxygen CONCENTRATOR => Supply continuous flow 1-6L/min adjustable
  • SMALL SIZE AND PORTABLE => It can be used in the car and sea, Or take a walk in the courtyard. Because Portable O2 Concentrator has a handle and contains a battery-mounted function. (NOTE: Our package do NOT including a battery).
  • ADDITIONAL FUNCTION => Double O2 absorption function, suitable for travel and home use. Timing function, suitable for use when sleeping. LED touch big screen and infrared remote control function within 10m.
  • Atomizing humidification and Negative ions function..